Wise Men Wonder While Strong Men Die

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The biggest problem I have with “yesallwomen” trend is how it not just emphasizes first-world problems, but how it also generalizes ALL women, as if we ALL agree with “yesallwomen.”

Not all women live in fear, and not all women have been raped or abused, but most importantly, not all women are privileged enough to whine on the Internet about things like gendered McDonalds toys and men spreading their legs on the subway.

Your “yesallwomen” is an exercise in privilege above all else, a chance for your first-world “feminists” to whine and snivel about the most meaningless things. And I thought for once, maybe we’d focus on actual issues.

When it comes down to it, you do not speak for me. You speak for your hyper-sensitive, paranoid, delusional, fear-soaked cult of “feminists,” and I have to be the one to say it: That is #NOTALLWOMEN.

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